• About

    • Brettina Lorena Robinson is a Bahamian jazz singer-songwriter, model, and SAG actress, who lives in metropolitan Los Angeles.  

      Brettina was born in Nassau, the Bahamas. She moved to Chicago with her family while she was a toddler when her mother, gospel-singer/actress Leona Coakley Spring, began acting on the popular stage plays "The Crucible," and "The Other Cinderella." Brettina moved back to the Bahamas during her school years.

      Brettina began singing at age four, under the influence of her mother, as well as Theo and Kirk Coakley of the popular 1970 Funk/Soul group T-Connection.

      While attending C.I. Gibson School in the Bahamas she was awarded the title "Miss C.I. Gibson", which made her eligible for Miss Bahamas Talented Teen.[2] Brettina won the title "Miss Bahamas Talented Teen", and earned a university scholarship. She attended the University of Washington.

    • Musical style and career

      Brettina cites as her main influences Nancy WilsonSarah VaughanShirley Horn,Shirley BasseySadeAdele, Diana Krall, Corinne Bailey Rae,Tiwa Savage and LIRA. She sings jazz, and describes her style as "organic".

      Brettina's music is honest and unique. She sings about real life and a lot of her fans can connect with her because of that.

      She's hoping to perform in South Africa sometime later as she has a huge following in that country and hopefully capture the European audience.

      She draws from personal experience in her songwriting. For example, she cites her poor childhood as the inspiration for her song "Poor Old Times", her fondness for chai as the inspiration for "Chai",and childhood memories as the inspiration for covering the Belafonte-Burgess song "Island in the Sun"

      In addition to her jazz career, she has worked as a print model and an actress in national advertisements. As a singer, she has performed mainly in the Seattle and Los Angeles areas.

      She has performed in public on several occasions, for example:

      • CD release party (publicity appearance, but not a performance) 
      • Supermodel of the Bahamas show, with Bahamian R&B singer Julien 
      • Kirkland Performance Center "New Face of Jazz" concert November, 2010 
      • "Up Close & Unplugged" concert January 26, 2011 
      • Her talent agency announced a "New Face of Jazz World Tour".
      • Caribbean Heritage Organization featured artist June 2013
      • Scheduled to appear at 20/50 Music Is Life Festival 2014, in Nassau Bahamas, may 8