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    Bop Baiy'e

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    Born in the Bahamas in the capital city of Nassau, the sultry songstress writes music fusing traditional jazz with island tones. Like waves washing over the listener, Brettina’s sound is refreshing – her originality appealing to both jazz purists and younger audiences drawn to more contemporary mainstream music.

    Growing up in a show business family pre-destined Brettina for a love of everything music. Her uncles are Theo and Kirk Coakley of the funk, disco, and R&B band T-Connection.


    Brettina’s long awaited sophomore project, ventures in classic jazz, world music and Island rhythms. She collaborated with Grammy nominated -multi platinum Producer; G’harah Degeddingseze and co- writer/vocal Producer Patricia Battani. So far a single titled Bop Baiye’ is due for release May 20th 2019, with a music video scheduled to shoot in her hometown of Nassau Bahamas and a full length album to follow.


    "Blending efficiency and clarity into a self titled debut,Brettina projects herself as a vocalist with a defined focus on her music. Having written seven of the ten selections, her compositions reveal articulated nostalgia, laced with subtle personal drama. She sings as if relishing the role of messenger for people and places she left behind." – James Nadal,


    “…Brettina's warm-weather roots are evident throughout—in the stories she tells and in the lilting surfy beats on many of the tracks. Best of all, Brettina is genuine and completely inside the music." – Jazz Wax